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How to Survive Your Freshman Year in College

It is finally that time in your life where you get to start being independent and away from the comfort of your home. It’s a great opportunity to learn by yourself and to broaden your horizon. Chances are you will meet lots of different people with varying outlooks in life.

However, before you get to acquaint yourself with college life, you would have to start at the beginning. For some people who are more adventurous, beginnings can be exciting as it offers a chance for them to restart and reinvent themselves. Others, however, feel ill at ease and anxious at the thought of going back to zero and having to go through the awkward stages of introducing themselves and getting to know people. If you are worried about going to college, here are some tips to get you through your freshman year.

Before you start going to classes, make sure that your documents are in order so that you would not be surprised by any notices. Also, verify your tuition status and make sure that you and your benefactors are well aware of what needs to be paid and when.

Most college students fail to plan their meals ahead of time, resulting in lack of nutrition and therefore, poorer performance in class. There are certain things that you would need to consider when planning your meals such as your financial capability and desire to eat out, your space for cooking, whether or not you eat breakfast and other possible sources of meals besides cafeterias on campus.

In college, you would probably spend more time studying than you expect, which can be very tiring and overwhelming. Maintaining an active lifestyle despite your schedule can really help keep you mind and body fit. Exercising can also ease your stress from studying as it helps the body release endorphins. Also, it is best not to rely on caffeine especially when you are pulling off an all-nighter as it can make you feel tired after the effects wear off.

Your education is not the only thing that is important in college. Learning how to socialize can help develop interpersonal skills which is what most employers these days look for in applicants. Building a great relationship with the people you encounter everyday can make your college life easier and more fun.

Lastly, maintain a good study habit. Always arrive on time for class because it creates a much better impression on your professor and it’s not good to miss out on anything. Get up early so that you would not have a hard time preparing for class. If you need help with organization, get yourself a planner to keep track of your assignments and other requirements.

It can be a fun and exciting time to go to college as you will be able to learn new things and lead a life on your own. You will also experience many things for the first time, even things that are outside the sphere of education. Always keep in mind that you’re going to college to learn and have a successful life in the future but don’t forget to enjoy it at the same time.


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